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The Newer “Newest” Phenomena


As if the last  Newest Phenomena wasn’t enough, with all the slow driving in the fast lane, there’s an even NEWER, more annoying phenomena… YIELDING WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT-OF-WAY! WHAT?! When did we start doing that?! *SIGH* 

Now, according to wikipedia, there are several explanations regarding the term “right-of-way.”

Right-of-way could have to do with legally granting access, having the right to pass over property owned by another party, OR it could even be in reference to the 2003 album released by DJ Ferry Corsten actually entitled “Right Of Way.” But I’m referring to every DRIVER’S RIGHT, according to the rules of the road, the laws of the land, to proceed FIRST!

Do we need examples?

Example 1: There is a 4-Way STOP. There are other cars approaching the intersection as well and though it is a close call, you reach the intersection FIRST. You have the RIGHT OF WAY; to cross the intersection first. Although in a case of caution or cordialness you may let one of your fellow drivers cross first.

Example 2: You’re headed West, merging onto the highway,  but the East bound traffic has the turn signal & you have a YIELD sign. My apologies, but I must inform BOTH parties; you MUST follow these signs! The East bound driver must not, and I repeat, MUST NOT signal for the West bound traffic to continue. West Bound, yield. East Bound, turn.

Example 3: The simplest of right of ways. THE GREEN LIGHT! GO! Do not signal to the driver across the street to turn as you now hold up traffic.


What about the continuous turn?! You are not required to stop, so WHY DO YOU STOP?!


Now I am NOT saying this as a means to be a rude driver. I am merely trying to cut down on the number of accidents caused by DUMB DRIVERS! And as the author of “Why Smart People Make Dumb Decisions” explains… You have all the right tools, but you make bad judgements! LMBO! I’m not calling you stupid because DUMB & STUPID are clearly different! You’re a smart individual with terrible driving behaviors!!! LOL

I’m not the greatest driver, so when I’m irritated and finding myself blogging about this kind of thing, what does that say about you?!

I’ve had enough people!



Twitter? *BARF*



Let me preface this blog with: This is in no way a slight, nor is it intended to make light of people who struggle with addiction.

So…This week I’ve decided that I am a Facebook Addict and have since opted to give it a week’s rest… So, like any other addict (spoken out of ignorance), I put down one vice and pick up another, Twitter.

I know that Tweeter is the newest phenom, but I mean, really?! Come on! Everytime I’m on there it’s some random “ERROR”!!! An error no man’s every heard of, but yet is expected to accept it!

“Twitter is over capacity” Have you ever heard tell of such a thing?! Over capacity?

“There’s an internal server error” Again, really?!

“Oops, something went wrong” Question mark?!

Really?! Again?! Come oooonnn!!!

It’s ALWAYS something pretty much saying “PLEASE TRY AGAIN………. JUST LATER!”


Why can’t Twitterville get it together!!!!! JUST GET IT TOGETHER! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the hugest fan of Twitter; This being a primary example, but I also don’t feel the need to constantly update others about my whereabouts & thereabouts… Ummmm… Not that I’d be able to, even if I wanted to!!!!!!!!! *sigh*

I’d tell you to follow me, lifeandtruth, but how?! BECAUSE THERE’S ALWAYS AN ERROR & not a I.D.10.T error either!

Twitter, though you are my drug of choice this week, I will return to the real thing next week; Facebook!


Enough Already


First, this blog comes with a disclaimer. I’m trying my best to be as accurate as possible BUT
I’m blogging from my phone so there may be quite a few typographical errors. I just had to get this down on paper.

So, I’m with my grandma at the eye doctor for a very minor procedure. As I sit and wait, I look at loved ones sitting around waiting on their family members & one “couple” in particular stands out; father and son.

During the minutes I’ve been sitting here it appears that the son is “terribly” preoccupied as the father waits on his wife. They’re not talking… One’s working and the other waiting… The nurse comes out to get the family and the son doesn’t budge. *sigh* The father waits patiently and then finally says “are you coming?” With a pause of hesitation the son says “NO. I’ll just see her in the car.” Hmmmm… I am quite perplexed by this.

You took off work knowing that you’d be going with your father for your mother’s procedure and you can’t put your work down for the few minutes it takes to see her in recovery and walk her down to the car?!

Have we become so hard pressed and selfish that we’re “too busy” to help others? Just a thought…*saddens my heart*

God, give us a heart, give us Your heart…


Home Wrecker


Let’s get one thing straight gentlemen… HOME WRECKER is not a term of endearment. That word wasn’t even created by men. That word was probably created by a woman, used to describe a woman that…hmmm…let me guess…. wrecks homes/lives of the married.

So, old fogey’s the next time your married behind decides to undress a “young thang” and then call her a home wrecker, DO NOT expect her to take that as flattery. Actually, it’s quite the opposite! It’s very revolting that you lack so much self control over your thoughts about women HALF (or more) your age! Not only is it revolting, but it is offensive to women that are actually nothing like that.

You knew exactly what you were saying when you came up and said “you a home wrecker.” There is no way that word was ever intended to be positive.

So in closing let me say this… Stop pushing your thoughts off on innocent by-standers… What you’re thinking in your head and saying aloud is actually what you think of yourself…You home wrecker! LOL… It won’t be me wrecking your home. It’ll be those nasty little thoughts that come out in your actions that will wreck your home.




So, I was headed home from work (from Marietta, OH) surfing the channels for some “decent” music (I use that word loosely) and I came across a station that appeared to be playing pop music. So, I listen for a while and this is what I hear…
“Are – you in
Livin’ in sin is the new thing (yeah)
Are – you in
I am countin’! 1 2 3”

Now, I don’t know what it all means, but I thought I may have just been confused when I heard “living in sin is the new thing.” So I continue to listen, not focusing on the other lyrics, mostly focusing to verify that I just heard what I think I just heard.

Lo and behold, I did hear it. I was shocked! AND do you know who wrote those lyrics? Britney Spears, mother of TWO (2) very young boys!

Has sex, and sin for that matter, become so “mainstream” that “we” really think “living in sin is the new thing?” That’s pretty scary.

So, dating is super suspect as a guy feels he’s got the right to ask you about your sex life during one of the first…NO, the first conversation that he’s EVER had with you. I insist that he does not need to know me like that in the matter of one phone conversation and one “date.” He then proceeds to “play a game” and says “I’ll start the story, you finish it. It will probably end in sex.” I again stress to him that I’m no longer interested in discussing sex in any way, shape or form because I do not intend on having my soul tied with anyone else. He calls and INSISTS that I tell him “what my problem is with sex.” *AHHHHHH* What don’t you get?! Now at this point, he’s just flat out disrespecting me and how I feel about it, just so long as I answer his questions.

Example #2:

I tell a male friend that I had “found a temporary distraction” and that we talked. He responds by saying “did you do the 5 second rule?” Perplexed, I respond by saying “HUH?” He then says that a woman generally knows in the first 5 seconds if she’ll sleep with a guy or not! *UGH* *SIGH* Seriously?! No, Seriously?! We have got to do better!

If you’re not going to save it for your future spouse, wouldn’t one think that it’s special enough to at least save it for someone who truly, truly cares about you?! Someone you’re committed to?! When did it become “expected?”

Everyday I am more and more convicted about my sin. So much to where I’m uncomfortable discussing topics such as sex with individuals that don’t know me from Adam. But everyday something new comes out that pumps “LIVING IN SIN” into our systems. This is NO GOOD! And the obvious thought would be that NO GOOD WILL COME FROM THIS! We already live in a SEX driven society, now we’re promoting SIN… *SMH* What next?!



Morning People


*UGH* Are the worst, but what’s even worse is in my heart, I TRULY yearn to be a “morning person.” You know?! One of the those people that doesn’t have to hit snooze a thousand times and is never late?!

See, I’m the complete opposite, but I think it’s selective. Once when challenged to get up and work out at 5:30 in the morning, I passed with flying colors. However, as it relates to work, it never fails that I’m at least 10 minutes late. *UGH* I’m not proud of it! It’s actually quite embarrassing especially if your boss “surprises” you by being on time. *sigh*

Now, with that being said, “they” want you to be on time, but they are always AT LEAST 10 to 15 minutes late! I know that their performance should have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with my performance, but I’m just saying…LOL… I suppose what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. 😦

Maybe it has to do with me not liking my job?! Maybe I dread the thought of having to go to work?! None of this should matter. No more excuses… Although I still feel that being an adult is overrated, I MUST LEARN TO BE ON TIME!


What The Blog?!


First, I want to thank ARW for the blog title! I think it actually needs to be a category, but it’s excellent for this topic.

Well, I feel like I’ve been going through quite a bit in my life. I would say that I’m transitioning, but maybe I’m just being a snot! Hey! This wouldn’t be the first time that someone has referred to me as a “spoiled brat.” Now, I may have given this waaaaayyyyy too much thought, but I think there is a difference between being “spoiled” and being a “spoiled brat.”  Anywho… That’s neither here nor there.

I’ve been “feeling a lot” lately. And to sum it all up, it’s “forced me” into “being still.” <It is a bit of a struggle, but I’m fine with it nonetheless or at least I’m trying to be.>

I constantly yearn to have someone to talk to, even though logically and spiritually I know I can talk to God. I’m still struggling trying to figure out what my spiritual giftings are and at this point, I have absolutely NO idea what my purpose is in life. Logically, I know that I’m not old, but the facts are that I’m not getting younger. So, needless to say, this has presented a lot of frustration for me.

This is what I like to call being “metally ‘backed up’.” Especially when you’re in a place where you feel alone and feel like you really can’t turn and talk to any and everyone without all of their opinions and advice and all of the “let go & let Gods.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Lord and I know that HE can intervene in any and every part of my life.

Now, does this mean that I don’t still have my feelings and my frustrations with my day to day life? I am still human and I do still make mistakes and I still react out of my flesh etc. But let the record show that Jesus got mad with God when He poses the question “Why hast Thou foresaken me?”  & Job, an awesome man of God,as a matter of fact, one of the most patient men in the Bible, got angry with God, so why is that everyone acts so “holy” and/or like they can’t relate with where you are in your life? <I am in NO way, shape, or form mad with God. I’m frustrated with my own life. And all I’m saying is that if we can question the Man that shed HIS blood to save our lives, why can’t I be frustrated with my day to day life and people that I’ve involved myself with?!>

Logic vs Emotion vs Spirituality: All very different. Logically, I can work a situation out in my head and that not be what’s in my heart and/or isn’t always the proper “spiritual” response.

For me, I like to have closure. Now, I don’t always get closure and it’s not always “emotionally healthy” to “seek closure” from the other party (ies.) Somewhere along the lines of making the situation worse for myself and “self-inducing” stress, I get the hint, get fed up with being in a “rutt” and I let go and move on…

Everyone is not like that. I understand that. But I think what sucks the most is that everyone wants me to understand that “they are who they are”, but no one wants to get that “I am who I am.” So, in turn because I choose to react in my own way, I manage to “hurt” others feelings, but somehow it’s okay for everybody else to say/write hurtful things and it’s somehow justified.

When did it become “wrong”, if you will, to feel the way you feel; to react the way you react; to just flat out be who you are? If people didn’t like you or care for your behavior or personality, they,  just wouldn’t bother…

I’d like to think that I don’t intentionally intend to “hurt” my friends/family’s, those that are close to me, feelings, but I do understand that those closest to us are more easily affected by my actions… In my thinking, we “know” those closest to us or at least we should and if we know that our friend is not generally “rude” or “mean”, then why do we catch so much slack?

Well, I guess that’s where excepting those around you for who they are comes in…


IDK… I guess that’s why I’m here figuring it out for myself…