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Does “IT” matter?


So, my starter friend, who is slightly past being my “starter” friend, prompted this blog, without his knowing so… Thanks MEP! LOL…

Let me set the scene… He and I both are very, very, very busy this week & today would be the best day for us to see each other even though our time spent together will be very limited. It’s either today, Tuesday or Sunday after church. This isn’t even a guarantee. The invite is prompted by me trying to entice him with a FABULOUS dinner. Though tempting, it doesn’t appear that seeing him is going to be an option, not even for today. We draft several plans & it’s still not looking good. He finally says, “I’ll be there.” This response is followed by a smug “Just have my hug ready.”

Now this is slightly embellished, seeing as how this  entire conversation was carried out via text & email. So, technically, there was no tone, but, you know?!…

Initially reading his response I chuckle to myself, think “okay“, shut down my computer and head home for the day. It wasn’t until I was walking my dog that I thought “Just have my hug ready? I’m cooking dinner for Pete’s sake!” And of course, as any Information Hoarder, this was promptly followed by a thought; the thought “does ‘IT’ matter?”

Does “IT” matter that I’m cooking him dinner if all he wants is a hug from me? Does “IT” matter that you bought her a dozen roses when all she wanted was your help cleaning the house? Does “IT” matter how much effort you put into giving him or her advice when all they wanted was an ear to listen and your affection?

Does “IT” matter that I’m cooking dinner when all he wants is a hug, from me?! NO. “IT” doesn’t matter. Fullfillment matters.

The next time someone request something of you, in love, not to be abused & you can provide it without a shadow of doubt, but are considering being stubborn or difficult because that’s second nature to you, stop & think…

Does “IT” really matter?



Itchy Tongue


Picture that person that gets under your skin every single time they enter a room… They don’t even have to speak or even acknowledge your presence, but somehow you’re instantaneously annoyed…


Imagine the intense sense of irritation that you feel merely by their presence and NOW add them speaking to the picture! It is a recipe for disaster… Well, for my tongue anyway…

We often view it as gossiping… When the person leaves the room and you can’t wait to share your frustration and annoyance with someone…anyone else… Almost like the immediate irritation of a mosquitoe bite on human flesh…YOU CAN’T WAIT TO SCRATCH IT! But then something refrains you…

What could it be?! Why can’t you  just say it?!

Just because a mosquitoe bites itches, does it mean that it should be scratched?! Scratching leaves scars and could even lead to infection if “handle” improperly… Why is my tongue any different?

Just because I want to say it, does it mean that it should be said? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So, the next you or I have an itchy tongue, I guess we should give it a little more consideration before scratching it…


Information Hoarder…


…Now that’s a funny concept!

Normally when I think of “hoarding” I think of people who keep every single sheet of paper that comes their way, they keep their kids clothes from 1958, or keep old, broken things that are of no use to them anymore and instead of throwing the items away, they just “collect” them in a random space…These are people who NEVER seem to purge from any aspect of their lives.

So, I was talking a “starter” friend (see Eryn’s Definitions) and he comments “you’re an information hoarder.” Hmph…

The more I “go through” and the “older” I get, the more I realize that I think A LOT! And as stated in so many of my blogs, I blog to release being “mentally backed up.”

So, what is an information hoarder… The more I think about me and analyze me, this word just might make sense! Although thinking may be a positive trait most times, it can also be a curse. Especially if or when one over-thinks or “harps” (hoards) on old information!

Here is his example paraphrased:

We could be talking about something and I’ll make a comment. You’ll (me) take one word out of that comment and ask me about it a day or two later.

This is true! And has once again got me thinking… This thought is simple though… LET IT GO!

Let go of information that is not productive or meaningful to your mental health.

Let go of people who are not productive or meaningful to your everyday life and personal growth.

Remove the clutter from your home, your life and more importantly, remove it from YOUR MIND and your HEART!

…Interesting concept on HOARDING… I guess it doesn’t always have to be something that we can see…


Ode to a Camera…


So, I got the cutest little camera for Christmas which is a TOTAL upgrade from my 1st digital camera! I’ve had the opportunity to use it for a couple of events thus far in 2010. One of which being the flyest 25th birthday party EVER!!!

So, a male friend of mine that accompanied me to dinner and dancing that night wanted the pictures from that evenings events.

I have been tearing my house up looking for that stupid little USB Cord! I’ve read the box to make sure that the camera actually came with one. I’m checking in between the couch cushions and even checking other USB cords that I KNOW don’t match! Until…….. I check the plug to see that the plug and the USB cord are one in the same… Strangley enough, this prompted a thought(surprise, surprise)!

How is it that we’ve been UPGRADED and we don’t even know it?! I mean we “know” it, but we don’t know it! We don’t know how to act when we’ve been UPGRADED.

How can we be UPGRADED and still have the same SMALL mentality?

I don’t have an answer…

Just think on it…