In a place feeling alone although I’m surrounded by people. People. Friends. Family. All going on about their lives as I constantly feel like I’m reaching out, but for what?! For validity? For love? To fill a void that I’m not really sure needs to be filled?

Always seeking, always reaching, always looking… FOR. WHAT?

Later looking and only finding resentment, jealousy, & envy of those who surround me.

Wondering… Am I designed to be alone; to stand alone?…But yet I recant… This is not how we were created. This is not why we were created.

But I suppose to make statements as such I should pose the question “why were we created?”

What’s my purpose? The more I ask myself that question the more lost I feel. Often dreading that I’m still in this place; a place lacking purpose. Seeking my purpose through those that surround me. Hoping they see in me what I long so badly to see in me.

What do I see?…



About UnderSt83d

Just a few random thoughts of someone trying to "break the mold." Transitioning is a motha!!! And life can be too! Trying to enjoy the ride, but need an outlet at times... Logic vs Realism vs Optimism Blogging the Journey.....

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