What’s my Name?!


Ok! So, this is a bit of a rant!

My name is spelled E-R-Y-N. And while my name is pronounced “Aaron”/”Erin”, it is NOT spelled either way! My name is spelled E-R-Y-N.

I normally do not feel annoyed when someone mispells my name & have often looked at others and thought “what’s the big deal?” “So, what they misspelled your name.” *sigh*

Now, I do NOT mean to be totally hypocrite, but I am officially annoyed! Allow me to explain myself;

If a person does NOT have reference (business card, email) to spell my name correctly, that is not an offense, but when I personally send an e-mail and or Facebook message, with my picture and um, duh, the CORRECT spelling of my name, why do you insist on spelling my name any other way except for the correct way?! This is not some spelling that I made up or changed the “I” to a “Y” to be different… THIS IS MY NAME!




I really don’t want to go over this again!

When you send me a message and the spelling of your name is made available to me, I WILL spell your name correctly! Do the same in return people!!! ESPECIALLY, since it’s been given to you!!! LMBO!!!

Eryn! NOT Erin or Aaron or Arin or Arien or Arryn! It’s ERYN!

Pease…Oops I mean…



About UnderSt83d

Just a few random thoughts of someone trying to "break the mold." Transitioning is a motha!!! And life can be too! Trying to enjoy the ride, but need an outlet at times... Logic vs Realism vs Optimism Blogging the Journey.....

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