The Newer “Newest” Phenomena


As if the last  Newest Phenomena wasn’t enough, with all the slow driving in the fast lane, there’s an even NEWER, more annoying phenomena… YIELDING WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT-OF-WAY! WHAT?! When did we start doing that?! *SIGH* 

Now, according to wikipedia, there are several explanations regarding the term “right-of-way.”

Right-of-way could have to do with legally granting access, having the right to pass over property owned by another party, OR it could even be in reference to the 2003 album released by DJ Ferry Corsten actually entitled “Right Of Way.” But I’m referring to every DRIVER’S RIGHT, according to the rules of the road, the laws of the land, to proceed FIRST!

Do we need examples?

Example 1: There is a 4-Way STOP. There are other cars approaching the intersection as well and though it is a close call, you reach the intersection FIRST. You have the RIGHT OF WAY; to cross the intersection first. Although in a case of caution or cordialness you may let one of your fellow drivers cross first.

Example 2: You’re headed West, merging onto the highway,  but the East bound traffic has the turn signal & you have a YIELD sign. My apologies, but I must inform BOTH parties; you MUST follow these signs! The East bound driver must not, and I repeat, MUST NOT signal for the West bound traffic to continue. West Bound, yield. East Bound, turn.

Example 3: The simplest of right of ways. THE GREEN LIGHT! GO! Do not signal to the driver across the street to turn as you now hold up traffic.


What about the continuous turn?! You are not required to stop, so WHY DO YOU STOP?!


Now I am NOT saying this as a means to be a rude driver. I am merely trying to cut down on the number of accidents caused by DUMB DRIVERS! And as the author of “Why Smart People Make Dumb Decisions” explains… You have all the right tools, but you make bad judgements! LMBO! I’m not calling you stupid because DUMB & STUPID are clearly different! You’re a smart individual with terrible driving behaviors!!! LOL

I’m not the greatest driver, so when I’m irritated and finding myself blogging about this kind of thing, what does that say about you?!

I’ve had enough people!



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Just a few random thoughts of someone trying to "break the mold." Transitioning is a motha!!! And life can be too! Trying to enjoy the ride, but need an outlet at times... Logic vs Realism vs Optimism Blogging the Journey.....

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