Information Hoarder…


…Now that’s a funny concept!

Normally when I think of “hoarding” I think of people who keep every single sheet of paper that comes their way, they keep their kids clothes from 1958, or keep old, broken things that are of no use to them anymore and instead of throwing the items away, they just “collect” them in a random space…These are people who NEVER seem to purge from any aspect of their lives.

So, I was talking a “starter” friend (see Eryn’s Definitions) and he comments “you’re an information hoarder.” Hmph…

The more I “go through” and the “older” I get, the more I realize that I think A LOT! And as stated in so many of my blogs, I blog to release being “mentally backed up.”

So, what is an information hoarder… The more I think about me and analyze me, this word just might make sense! Although thinking may be a positive trait most times, it can also be a curse. Especially if or when one over-thinks or “harps” (hoards) on old information!

Here is his example paraphrased:

We could be talking about something and I’ll make a comment. You’ll (me) take one word out of that comment and ask me about it a day or two later.

This is true! And has once again got me thinking… This thought is simple though… LET IT GO!

Let go of information that is not productive or meaningful to your mental health.

Let go of people who are not productive or meaningful to your everyday life and personal growth.

Remove the clutter from your home, your life and more importantly, remove it from YOUR MIND and your HEART!

…Interesting concept on HOARDING… I guess it doesn’t always have to be something that we can see…



About UnderSt83d

Just a few random thoughts of someone trying to "break the mold." Transitioning is a motha!!! And life can be too! Trying to enjoy the ride, but need an outlet at times... Logic vs Realism vs Optimism Blogging the Journey.....

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