Home Wrecker


Let’s get one thing straight gentlemen… HOME WRECKER is not a term of endearment. That word wasn’t even created by men. That word was probably created by a woman, used to describe a woman that…hmmm…let me guess…. wrecks homes/lives of the married.

So, old fogey’s the next time your married behind decides to undress a “young thang” and then call her a home wrecker, DO NOT expect her to take that as flattery. Actually, it’s quite the opposite! It’s very revolting that you lack so much self control over your thoughts about women HALF (or more) your age! Not only is it revolting, but it is offensive to women that are actually nothing like that.

You knew exactly what you were saying when you came up and said “you a home wrecker.” There is no way that word was ever intended to be positive.

So in closing let me say this… Stop pushing your thoughts off on innocent by-standers… What you’re thinking in your head and saying aloud is actually what you think of yourself…You home wrecker! LOL… It won’t be me wrecking your home. It’ll be those nasty little thoughts that come out in your actions that will wreck your home.



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  1. Hm. Interesting take on the notion of a “home wrecker.” I was actually planning to do my next entry on the topic as well but not before gathering a bit of general perspective. Great post, btw! I enjoyed reading it.

    • Thank you!!! LOL… I’m still in awe that this happened AND it was at church!!!!!! This man is CLEARLY in his 50’s…Probably almost 60! YUCK! If you’ve ever read any of my post, this is merely my opinion. I was trying to do a little research on the word and where it derived from, but more than anything else, I just had to “vent” soooo…I blog…

      Do you by any chance know how to make comments “public”?

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